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Hey Guys,
NISSAN SENTRA 1995 - Manual Transmission
I went through most of the topic related with this. Just to clarify before going to Shop.

2 years back i had the problem with my car Starting. It wont start with the key, I have to get somebody to push it, then engage the gear to start the car. Then i took it to shop they changed the Starter , then it was fine until today.

I started driving my car after 4 months , for the last 1 week. Car didnt start, But my windows, CD player...everything is running. No ignition. Then I got my friend to push it , then engaged the gear. Started running. Came home, parked it...cant start again.


I dont have the receipt of my previous job done on this issue, which is like 90 miles away from home now.

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Sounds like your starter took a crap again. If not, then the problem is probably gonna be the electrical portion of the ignition switch, it's hooked up to the rear of the lock cylinder where the key goes into.
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