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What's up. Had my spec since July and will be hitting the show circuit next year (after my "BIG 4" mods). I'm always interested in opinions and suggestions.
•Progress Drop
•Alpine CD/MP3
•2-Audiobhan 1206 FlameQ subs
•Custom Int. Paint
•Custom Tails
•Painted Calipers
•Oversized Webasto Sunroof
•Nismo Trinkets (Rad. Cap, Oil Cap, etc.)

The BIG 4
•Spaco Torinos
•Vented CF Hood
•Custom Cat-Back
•18" rollers

Here's my website I'll be updating soon, Thanks

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As for performance, this car is mainly my daily driver and show car. I'm not going to do too much internally (flywheel, pulleys, cams). After i finish the "Big 4" I might go with a Header and if they come out with a Dyno proven supercharger sure. My problem is there's not a real strong market of parts for the QR25 right now and for my purpose a CAI, exhaust and header will do everything I want.

As for rims I'm looking into Ro_Ja Formula 5's ...only 20lbs on a 18X9 and it's a sweet and elite rim. I working on some sponsorship stuff right now to knock down that $400+ each price tag.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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