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Hello Everyone!

I just purchased a [used] 2005 Altima SL from a local dealership. I have always had a Toyota vehicle, but a bad experience at a different dealership caused me to look elsewhere. I went onto the lot, test drove a few Nissans, and fell in love with the brand.

I purchased a used vehicle since I'll need it for a few years, but don't want to hassle with a lease or buying a brand new one. It's in pretty good shape, but has a few things that need fixed up (which was good to know about beforehand to negotiate the price down quite a bit).

A few questions, as I'm not 100% familiar with the Nissan make, and would like some advice:

(1) Keyless Remotes from Online Vendor. Part of the "deal," was that the dealership only had one manufacturer remote and key. I got a deal, but need at least one spare remote. The local dealership quoted over $100 for a remote, but found some online for about $49.95 (Keyless Remotes Online : Home). Has anyone found success with this company? Insight?

(2) In-dash Navigation. In the next several months, I plan to add in-dash navigation, satellite radio, and possibly a back-up camera. I've mainly been looking at Crutchfield(.com), does anyone else have any suggestions for companies to look into? I'll need to find one that has local installation as an option, but haven't found an in-dash that I like at a Best Buy or Circuit City. Any suggestions on a specific model that you prefer or have had installed and would recommend?

Thanks everyone. So far, I'm loving the car ... taking it into the dealership next week to have a few things fixed up. Looking forward to the replies...
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