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I'm new on here so bear with me, also what I know about cars is only in theory so again bear with me. I have an old 1995 sentra, that i wish to learn off of.
My main goal is to to engine rebuild, tranny, repaint, body kit, and interior upgrades. I realize this is gonna be a huge project, but I want o better understand the scope of things. Pretty much as a hobby, I always wanted to know how a car really works but never got hands on.
My first question is what are the tools I would need to do this?
Also are there any places where I can get these tools?
I have seen maybe engine rebuild kits, are those good? Any suggestions?
Also are there any instruction manuals or something like that for different car engines, like a step by step guild: "how to rebuild engines for dummies?" somthing like that?
thanks! any help would be greatly appricated!
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