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Just saw one of the new X-Trails thats gonna be locally produced here. Damn it looks better than the 03.

3 bodies for the X-Trail


Didnt have my cam so i got no photo but here's what it looks like
Here's an article too:

Yulon Introduces Locally Redesigned SUV

Yulon Motor Co., which builds cars in Taiwan in cooperation with Nissan of Japan, recently introduced blueprints for its redesigned X-Trail sport utility vehicle (SUV), which has now gone into production locally and, later on, will be produced in mainland China and the Philippines.

The X-Trail is the first SUV to be redesigned by the Yulon Asia Technical Center (YATC), which began working on both the exterior and interior redesign of the X-Trail two years ago. Company officials say that this task was a special challenge for them, since Yulon has never produced such a product before. The company notes that the new SUV completes the range of vehicles that it makes here, which runs from passenger cars to commercial vehicles and, now, SUVs.

The X-Trail is offered with two choices for engine displacement (2,000cc and 2,500cc) and drive mode (two- or four-wheel drive). Prices will range from about NT$700,000 to NT$1 million (US$20,000~28,700 at NT$34.8:US$1). Yulon predicts sales in the local market of about 1,000 units monthly.

Yulon officials say that their Japanese partner originally wanted to delay the introduction of the locally made X-Trail until the middle of this year, so that its strict quality demands could be met. But Yulon has performed so well that Nissan expressed satisfaction with its capabilities much earlier than expected, and so approved the quick rollout.

The Yulon executives concede that their locally made X-Trail will face fierce competition from similar vehicles such as Ford's Escape, Mazda's Tribute (both produced in Taiwan by the Ford Lio Ho Motor Co.) and the new Honda CR-V, which is scheduled for local production early this year.

The executives claim to be confident, however, that their new model will soon become a bestseller, since in Japan it has proven so popular that it accounts for 37.2% of all SUV sales there. Yulon is also confident of its ability to redesign vehicles to meet local tastes.

Heavy R&D Spending

"The X-Trail is the latest result of YATC's model redevelopment, for which we spend an average of NT$1.5 billion (US$43.1 million) annually, or about 4.5% of our total revenues," reports Yulon's vice president Han Chen-ping. "YATC's design expertise has not only helped Yulon to become the first automaker in Taiwan with a comprehensive exterior and interior design capability, but has also boosted us to become one of the most important partners in Nissan's global division-of-labor system. Furthermore, YATC has also greatly increased our exports of auto parts to overseas Nissan plants around the world."

YATC was established in 1998 as Nissan's first car R&D center in Asia outside of Japan. After a long period of competition, it beat out a rival in Thailand to become Nissan's fourth development center. The first three are located in Japan, the United States, and England.

With Yulon playing an increasingly important role in Nissan's global deployment scheme, industry insiders say, it is very possible that the locally redesigned X-Trail will be produced by Nissan plants in other places, particularly in Asia.

Several YATC-redesigned models, in fact, are already under production at Nissan plants in Southeast Asia, the Sentra HV and Cefiro sedans along with the Serena van among them. Yulon itself produces these models not only in Taiwan but also in the Philippines at its subsidiary there, Nissan Motor Philippines Inc., of which it owns 75%.

The company is also rapidly strengthening its position in mainland China's auto market, thanks partly to Nissan's involvement there. The Japanese auto giant recently formed a joint venture with the Dongfeng Motor Group, the mainland's third-largest auto manufacturer. Yulon owns a 40% stake in Dongfeng's carmaking subsidiary, Aeolus Automobile Co., to which it supplies redesign blueprints, dies, and molds for local production.

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I'll go to Mexico City next week, (where almost 30% of dealerships were) & look for this version, the one with Xenon RailRoofs, it's the newest Xtrail trim here.

Have you guys looked different JDM versions???

Proceed with caution

Altia: (there are download files there)


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