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New to the boards, got a question on my truck

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Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum and have a question about my 1991 Nissan truck. Hope you can help me with this one. This is a 1991 extended cab, over all in great shape. I'm the second owner and it has about 105,000miles. This one is stock, lower end truck, no bells or whistles and no one has done any customizations. I inherited the truck, and know the first owner had all work done at the dealership or by a good mechanic. Right after I got the truck, the key started to stick in the ignition switch. First it required a little wiggling then it wouldn't come out of the switch at all. The locking button wouldn't work. So I popped off the housing around the switch and used another key to flip the little dip switch inside to unlock the switch and get my key out. Now the locking device on the shifter (It's an automatic) is starting to give trouble as well and not "unlock" when it should. The manual says that this is a sign of a weak or dying battery. However, this one checks out just fine. Battery isn't very old, I'm saying no more than 2 years. My question is has anyone else run into this? Any ideas on what is going on? I was going to replace the ignition switch, but now with the shifter too, I don't really think that is it either. Help!! and much thanks for any advice you may have.
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as the truck get older that locking mechanism gets out of place..

it is located on the firewall in the inside of the engine bay on the steering shaft..

look at it , it can be slid farther away or adjusted to make the locking mechanism work easier..
try adjusting the shift interlock at the shifter.
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