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whats up everybody im looking to build an s15 by june of '09 and ive already got 12g's to blow so i want to start ordering parts as of next week and i have MANY QUESTIONS so please bare with me. i guess i should start out by saying that im going with 95-98 240sx shell and i want to have the s15 front end, but i want the tail lights from a 01 silvia....can it be done??? im willing to throw 2's on the tail light convertion ALONE cuz i really want them. can it be done???? know any shops that'll do it??? and what parts do i need. any info is appriciated...thnx

basically i want to go from this....

to this....

this is a repost because i didnt know if it was in the right section
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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