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Hello All,
I'm looking for a sentra for my girlfriend and I'm wondering what I should look out for when looking for one. I've worked as a mechanic on BMW's and Alfa Romeo's, and I'm curious if there are any specific GOTCHA's on sentras from 91 and later. We're looking in the under $5k range and I've checked a couple already.
How bad a job is a CV boot? One was changed by the previous owner, the other side is shot though.
Also it feels like the clutch cable might need adjusting. . .there is very little resistance for the first half of the pedal travel, and then it's really hard and kinda "rough" feeling all the way to the floor. And you really have to push it ALL the way to the floor for it to shift very well. Am I right in thinking the cable needs adjusting?
Last question, what's the consensus on the automatics in these cars? I'm leary of an automatic with 100k on it in general, especially if I'm looking at a used car stealership. How prone to failure are they?
As far as replacement parts go, where should I look for good nissan parts catalogs and info? websites, digests, etc?
Oh yeah, anybody have one for sale in or around Austin, TX?
Thanks in advance,
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well, if you're looking at a b13 se-r be careful it doesn't have the fifth gear problem, from what I hear the SR20 tranny has a problem.

the CV boot isn't too bad, I've changed 2 in about an hour and a half, I think they have the process outlined in a Hayne's manual.

and as for other info on the sentra, go to . it's your one stop info shop.

hope that helps a little.

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As you've already mentioned Jacob, the CV joints. The B13's are notorious for splitting the outer boots. I just did both mine earlier this year, piece of cake, I just replaced the entire shafts, they were $60 a piece from AutoZone. The 5th gear pop-out that Skyline mentioned happens to both G16DE and SR20DE manual trannies. It simply slips out of 5th gear. Not a cheap fix even if you do it yourself. Look for door sag, that's a typical thing to look for. Also keep an eye out for trunk leaks. The sealant around the tailights gets old and hard and doesn't seal well, and water comes in. Most B13's have issues with HVAC fan speed switches. In my XE the contacts got so hot they sunk into the plastic and doesn't make contact because of that sometimes. Also a resistor can go bad which doesn't allow you all fan speeds. Don't know much about auto trannies so I can't help you there. Sounds like the cable needs adjusting, yes, or flat out replacement, but that shift lever inside the tranny could be siezing up a little. I can't tell you how much clutch pressure I had before I put a new clutch in my XE, first clutch the car had replaced to my knowledge in 90K miles. It was terrible, then when I put the clutch in I cleaned the shit out of that thing and greased it to high hell with synthetic grease and now the clutch has less pressure than the gas pedal. This forum is a great resource, as well as like Skyline mentioned. SR20DEforum is usefull if you end up getting an SE-R or some other SR20DE powered Nissan/Infiniti. As far as parts go, a lot of guys get parts from Mossy Nissan and Courtesy Nissan. Engines are abundant and rather cheap, 30K miles Japanese spec engines for around $450. I just bought a factory service manual, cost me $80 but was worth every penny, and if you don't have access to one at work or elsewhere, if you plan to do all the work on the car and it's going to be a long term thing, get one. I still kept my crappy Haynes around for other things, as I hate to admit, you need both. That's about all I can think of, I'm sure I'm forgetting something though. Oh, yeah, use Edmunds or whatever to figure out what a car is worth, because there are people out there that will tell you that you should be able to buy one for nothing and will swear up and down that a good one can be bought for $X price and that the market is littered with them. I've found that advice worthless and unfounded. For instance, I have my XE for sale right now, and it's one of two in the paper, and I've seen next to none of them at dealerships. When I was looking for an SE-R I used autotrader to find it. There had to be over 500 GA16DE motored B13's for sale and that was limiting it to like one manufacture year. As for b13 SE-R's, there was less than 5. I also found to return a decent amount of results. Autotrader takes a lot longer to browse than, but returned more results. If you're looknig for an SE-R, pick that for the model instead of Sentra at Autotrader, you won't get many results, but they'll all be SE-R's and not 500 results that are E's, XE's and the occasional SE and GXE.
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