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Hello to all who are reading this,
Thought I'd give a little info about me:

I'm new to this site new to working with performance in terms of Nissans not to performance itself.

I work in Kentucky as a service advisor for a Nissan dealer. I just bought a '97 200SX SE-R, in part for fuel economy, in part to have something that's fun to drive on my daily commute and that I can tinker with and play at the track with. This is my first Nissan, my first "Import" car and the smallest thing I've ever owned. I still tinker with Mustangs and Fords and have a long history of performance there. My wife and I are working on buying a house so building a new Mustang at this time isn't in the budget, but tinkering with the SE-R as a daily driver/ weekend racer is.

I'm having trouble finding tech info on these cars online, and while I have a shop full of extremely good techs at work they don't have much experience in modifying these cars, just fixing them and finding the hard problems. So that's where I hope these forums will come in handy for me.

I might be able to lend a hand with some of my own resources as well, but I can't spend two hours interrogating one of my techs to solve a driveability problem for you.

Hope you guys can help with some stuff and maybe I can help too.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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