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new shots of the se-R

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i'll have more up tomorow... :cheers:
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ohh yea.....I need to put on the rest of my hose techniques kit in the morning before the LIU is coming with you guys
if you guys wanna wait until tomorow that's cool... :hal:
Khumo 711's....I was going to get the nismo headers and exhaust, but we just purchased a my wife bought my intake for my b-day and it's good enough for now...also I have to put a few more hoses in...)the hose techniques kit)...I don't want to much silver shit in my engine bay, just enough to give it some sparkle and make it a little nicer. :)

yes the finger is mine I found it at a thrift store and picked that bitch up...j/k
1 - 5 of 13 Posts
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