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This is my first post here, but I've been a member (maximus) on the sr20forums for a while.

I approached FFWD Connection ( after I saw what they can do to DSM engines. FFWD is a race engine building facility that specializes in Diamond Stars. According to Darren King of FFWD, they always strive to provide the best and most innovative speed parts, service, and support. And they really do deliver.

What was once only reserved for DSM cars is now available for SR20’s. A product elegantly called “The Butcher Crank”.

As many of you know, knife-edging a crank has been around for years and normally involves a standard procedure to classify as such. FFWD’s crank is of a slightly different design. Instead of the leading edge of the crank being cut and the trailing edge left alone, they knife-edge the trailing edge and round the leading edge. Much like the shape of an aircraft's airfoil. Having this profile cuts the parasitic drag qualities which frees up more power. It also creates less turbulence to get through that oil when it's spinning around in there. Just as in an airplane's wing shape. If the leading edge was pointed like the trailing, you would get a less smooth flow of air running underneath and below the wing.

As if that was not enough, they lighten the crank by 7 pounds which results in even quicker revs and increased horsepower by eliminating that extra rotating weight. The SR20 crank weighed in at 30 pounds when completed (as opposed to 37 pounds)!
My concern (as probably yours) was crank strength. I was assured that this lightening procedure does NOT hinder its reliability nor its function. If a crank is going to break, it breaks at the radii within the inside of the rod throws. Sometimes, at the opposite side of that as well. FFWD does not touch in either place. They’re 90 degrees away from that area. In other words, GO POUND ON IT! Couple that with an aluminum flywheel and rods, and you're talking about a motor that will rev as quickly as a crotch rocket.

Lastly, each crank is then fully balanced for proper operation. We're talking within 0 grams of tolerance when balancing these cranks.

The SR20 crank will cost $625 using your crank (no grinding necessary). If the crank needs to be grinded 10/10, then add $125. SR20 cranks take a lot time (cutting) in the weight reduction process because of our monster counter weights.

Turn around time is 2 weeks to ship back out. Sometimes they can do it quicker depending on their current workload.

Go check out and get in touch with Darren King. He’s a great guy to do business with. No BS.

The very first SR20 "Butcher" crank is for sale here: at a slight discount to help promote this great new product.

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