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I dont understand why more Skylines arent imported into the US, I know MotoRex are the only guys who can import them. Whats the go? Is it something to do with conversions and compliance?


And yeah, I have a 'bad ass' R33. So, lick the bag. :p

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Hey Sonic,

Everyone here drives a Nissan... whether it be a Sentra, a 200sx, NX, etc, or the lucky few with Skylines. There is no need to comment on someone's post with remarks like "lick the bag". It's distasteful, and is not looked highly upon on this Forum (that goes for ALL THREADS). Remarks like that will only make other members dislike you. If comments like these continue, threads may be locked. Just enjoy the BB w/o the lewd 'n' rude commentary.
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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