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Saiful said:
Hello Guys!!

Just found your Forum and damn it's good..

Anyway, I just got my car. A 1992 1.4 beauty and I've been thinking of making it more econimical.

Current mods that I've done -

1. Change the wheels from 175/70/13 to 185/60/14 and using Pirelli P3000 tyres now.
2. Iridium Sparks
3. ZX1 engine oil additive
4. A product called superione which is doing wonders for my FC so far.

( you can check it out at )

5. New grounding for my car.

When I first got it, it was averaging 9-10 km/l. Now I can get 11-12 km/l. Any suggestions on how to make this figure go higher?

Do a full tune up. Also dont use iridium plugs, go either stock or NGK. They work much better. Also flush your cooling system, and basically keep your foot out of the floor.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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