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just thought i'd say hello to the fellow NW owners
i'm running the following:
90 Sentra XE
2 DR Sedan
GA16i and 5spd
black w/ some white pinstriping

currently tearing out the interior boring grey-blue vinyl and replacing with a main color of black and all trim in school bus yellow. a nice gold/yellow tint.

engine mods start next month, possible convert to GA16DE
but at least CAI to go along with the dual-glasspack muffler

anyone else around Clarkston/Lewiston area?

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i think the golden yellow is going to change to brilliant blue and some interesting red colors as a small trim.

went to get my friends digital camera today for pics, but it was out in Spokane at the raceway with his dad. we think we can get the camera back sometime next week.

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I grew up in Clarkston. Moved to Seattle in 1990 after I graduated.

Sounds like you have some plans for the Nissan

If I'm ever back there visiting, I'll look you up.
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