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Since this is a relative new forum for the boards and I see low traffic coming around here, I've decided to post some pictures of Nissan SUVS not for U.S. consumption on different threads. I've done this to guage public opinion and for anybody to serve their thoughts on why these trucks should or should not be sold in the U.S.

So the first one is the Nissan Mistral that is sold in Europe as the Nissan Terrano (it was the Terrano II until last year). This Nissan was made to substitute the Nissan Terrano/Pathfinder WD21 in Europe. It is sold in both 3 and 5 door versions. Engine offerings were the same as the past Terrano/Pathfinders. A 2.4 KA24E gasoline 4 cylinder engine, and a 2.7 inline 4 turbo diesel were offered. This year in Europe another diesel engine was added from the Patrol which is a 3.0 direct injection turbo diesel with common rail and the gasoline engine was dropped. The 3.0 generates 154hp vs 125 hp for the 2.7. Transmission choices have always been a 5 speed manual and a 4 speed automatic with either engine. Price is around $23,000 for the 3 door and $31,000 for the 5 door. Ok here are some pictures of the truck:

3 door

5 door

frontal area, the family resemblance with the Patrol is unmistakeable

back end 5 door

center console


Post your opinions.:D
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