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Greetings All from the wintry PNW! Name is Serge and I live on an Island :)Glad I found this place and hope I can find some answers and reciprocate in like.
I'm a Nissan :newbie: and just purchased an '86 Multi 2wd, pretty good over-all shape for an almost 1/4 century vehicle, very well maintained over the years. I've yet to track down a manual for this and have already done my first bone-headed thing (over filled the oil, corrected very quickly) which has created some problems (warning lights, nothing major I hope), I'll be sure to post my woes in the appropriate forums.
I ended up with this wagon as a result of our lovely Wet Coast winter after my trusty and much loved Tercel got head-on-ed and totaled a couple of weeks ago on an icy road, I have a Subaru wagon project (4x4 wagon) that I was going to resurrect, but time/kid/$ took precedence and I scooped this
beast at a decent price. Other than some minor rust its not bad, low k's (215K), clean, suspension good, brakes good, engine purrs, everything more or less works the way it should :woowoo:
Look forward to participating in the forums and getting to know the regulars here!


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