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What's up all!?
I do not own a nissan however I have done countless swaps into the ever growing poplular 240sx. I work at a shop called DHPmotorsports with three of my friends and we have been doing everything we can get our hands on. We are all real familiar with Rotory engines, we have done a few 3 rotor swaps. We have done engine swaps in almost all japanese made vehicles. We also do custom turbo kits as well, never had a cracked manifold yet. We do not cut corners to save money because we feel reliability and quality is important, not only to our customers but for our company name. I've come here to share my thoughts and ideas and to listen to some of yours. Any information or questions regarding service needed please go ahead and PM me. Thanks again. :thumbup:

sincerely, Joe
DHP Motorsports
Orlando, FL
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