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hey what's up everyone. so, im Dorian, 20 years of age, from san diego and plan on going to pick up a new Altima Coupe 3.5 tomorrow. the V6 version. long story short, i have a 99 accord, with 162,xxx miles on it. took it to the shop, and it needs a new transmission along with some other stuff. so instead of paying to get that fixed, id rather put that $ into a new car.

coming from a 4door, V6, i didn't want a 4 door, or a V4. im a fulltime college student, and work at 24 HR fitness. i REALLY want a G35, but want a NEW car. and that's just not practical. so i see the new altima as a baby g35 the closest im going to get. as i don't want to pay the same price for a used g35.

im not into cars, but seeing as im going to be getting a new one, might as well start now.

question. is it better to get the dealer package? or just go with the base and get aftermarket?

what im really looking to do is just - alloy wheels
lower it

nothing major like suspension and struts or anything.

any feedback would be apreciated.
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