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as stated by motor, California is now putting into effect a new law to regulate exhaust noise levels. statewide testing regulations now aide both law officials, but more inportaintly, the automotive enthusists. An exhaust noise limit of 95db would determine the legaility of exhaust system. for noise only of course. Hobbiests now have legal standards to go by for disputing the citations aginst them by subjective officers. Only those who have been accoused by a citation will be required to attend a test to prove ya or na on the legal limit.

these new tests should help consumers and manufactuers alike. the aftermarket buissness now has added guidelines to ensure a quality and leagal product to the public, who in tern can trust that the product will meet legal standards providing proper installment, setup, and use.

there is no mention of emmisions standards, but i assume that cali already has such standards in place........

i hope this new law will spread to other states providing one less headache from those of the "big blue" who take to a likeing of picking on automotive enthusists.

to read more, go to motor and look in the headline section in the lower right.
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