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New Kid on the block here...some info

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Hello everyone, im new to this perticular forum.

I Drive a 1988 Sentra, White 2 door Hatchback with a E16I motor (which i had to make roadworthy about 2 months after i bought it, head gasket, rod and main bearings full gasket set and rings). Im New to nissan motors, but not new to cars.

Now that thats said, anyone know and easy mods for my motor? can i change the valve timing any? or anything??
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no input? :(;)
come on it's been like an hour. There are not that many B12 enthusiasts out there
thier loss. :D like i always tell my friends, anyone can build a 350...;)
you can advance timing... quite a bit actually but be aware of detonation... those kill !! :)... so since you got new rod/rings... dont kill it now .... i suggest around 10-12BTDC... not more... at 15.. it will detonate even with 92oct fuel..btween 5500rpm and up. (10-12 with 92 oct fuel is safe) anyway if you hear something at high rpm... just pull over and bring it back a bit....

next mod... turn the cap of the air filter upside down (if your a 350 fan you sure know this one !! :)

get yourself a K&N filter for this engine (wich im sure is available)

good set of wire/plug...

If you have AC... get that belt off....

now your good for that super 70hp we almost all have !! :)

Have fun !
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Yea, im working on the K&N filter next,

ive already turned the filter cover over, the AC works so im not losing the but thanX

Bosch Cap & Rotor and Bosch +4 Platnums, nothing but the best. Bosch wires.

is thier a direct fit high flow cat available?
youll have to buy an universal cat... no exhaust is made for this car except Pacesetter wich is only a Cat-back (no cat included)...
even i was told that the pipe from muffler only came over the wheel, and youll have to build from there....

Best thing :) CUSTOM !!... go for mandrel bent, stainless 2in to 2 1/4 / universal cat (2in in i think is best correct me guys if im wrong here!!) maybe a pre-muffler if you want to much noise (straight throu) an a stainless muffler (dynamax or something of good taste not to big...) follow same size from down pipe to the tip of the muffler !!... youll have a nice / good sounding / unkillable setup !!

:) if anyone else got ideas... bring it in... cuz im gonna have to buy myself a new exhaust line too.. going for stainless... :)
sounds good to me :D
2" exhaust is ideal.
Tks RB !! :)
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