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Found this posted on the "other" board, but since I try not to post there. I thought we could discuss it here

GCA Industries Tru-Flow intake

Combined with a drop in K&N, I could see this reducing intake turbulence, by reducing the resonator and accordion-like flex tube.

Some of the benifits of a CAI (without the noise), better flow and HP gain than a WAI... although some small amount of increased sounds may be experienced.

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O.k., maybe it's me but this one doesn't make any sense!
With this system you keep everything oe past the MAF, i.e. air box
resonators, ram air induction, etc...?
So your buying a short ram, couplers/clamps and a filter but not freeing up space for the filter to have better capacity?
Seems like you're only getting half the benefit of an intake.

On a side note, I just purchased the Injen CAI and should have it
bolted on by this weekend. Looking forward to feeling the difference between it and the JWT Pop-Charger with my cat-back.

Will dyno in the following weeks
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