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i'm new here and new to nissan, i've been browsing their vehicles for my next "reliable car" and my "race car"
the sx240 will probably be my play toy, ,and from the way things look, if all goes well i'll be getting an 02 spec-v
i was just curious of what could be done to a spec to increase hp
or better suspension, anything just make it quicker! lol
i dont want to do anything drastic, i want to keep the warranty, anything i could replace, then replace again if it needed to visit the dealer ship?
no turbo, and i'm keeping the balancer
any other ideas?

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Cold Air Intake (CAI) has been shown to add about 8hp at the wheels on AEM's dyno runs, and adds 10ftlbs at the wheels too.

Other than that on a car that is this computer controlled you'l be voiding your warrenty.
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