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hi everyone i'm matt from CT ihad an eclipse but recently started work on a 240sx so far i have:
s 13 sr20det
jun flywheel
act 6 puck
jdm rear subframe with LSD
greddy r spec fmic
tein ha coilovers
koyo radiator
nismo radiator cap
greddy metal head gasket
JWT c2 cams, springs and Ti retainers and adj. cam gears
660 injectors z32 maf
jim wolf ecu
custom turbo manifold wit tial 40mm external
turboxs hr34 bov
and probably other little stuff i can't remember
anywho my questions are these: can i use sr20de head bolts and front crank seal? I haven't found a def answer yet. also where is the best place to get an aquamist system? any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks guys see you around

Yes you should be able to use them both! It looks the same as the crank seal I just replace in my FWD Sr20 and the head bolts are the same, as for the aquamist system you might as well go with a NX intercooler kit, I think they just used one on a skyline in the recent superstreet (at least thats what my buddy was telling me... must look bad ass!Do you still have your stock DET ECU laying around that you might want to sell off? When we got our front clip it was fried and we have to wait about a month for the Apexi FC to come in! Let me know!

If you don't mind paying to refill the bottle ever so often then go with the NX set up.... it cools much more effeciently then just spraying water on the intercooler... I have heard that the NX setup can actually bring the intercooler close to freezing!
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