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You'll have to forgive my noobery as I know basically nothing about cars, but I've gotten way over my head here.

I drive a 2005 Sentra. It's automatic. A little while ago, my shifter knob started to stick. The button would get stuck in, and my car would perpetually be in shift. This didn't bode well, so I figured "Hey, I have an Autozone near me, they sell automatic shifters, I'll go buy a cool new one!" ...D'oh

Despite what I'm guessing would've been better judgement, I went out and got the new shifter. Now, since I'm an idiot when it comes to everything other than filling up my gas tank, I figured I'd have a friend put it in, since he's supposedly good with that kinda stuff. Bad idea. Long story short...he neglected the fact that the O/D switch was on the shifter and in taking the old shifter out, completely tore the wire to hell. He figured it wasn't a big deal because "you never really use overdrive anyway, do you?"

As if that weren't bad enough, he got the new shifter on, and it seemed to be working, except, I couldn't get my key out of the ignition (turns out than thing silver screw thing...err...the shifter itself? sorry...) wasn't popping up all the way and as a result I couldn't take out my key.

Ok, so I told him to put the old shift knob back in.

No dice. It went back in, but for some reason I had to literally SLAM my shifter back into park to park the car/remove my key.

And in all the overzealous and completely moronic effort, he also managed to break that white plastic piece that screwed on to the silver thing, drop an allen screw into the shift compartment AND an allen key...


So now I'm basically using that silver screw part to shift my car (by pressing it down, and sometimes having to pull it back gets stuck.) and my car's O/D shuts on and off at will.

Another friend of mine, who works at an autobody shop, told me fixing this would be as simple as removing the center console (which I have no clue how to do), buying new wire (I can manage that), getting a replacement shifter from a junkyard (again, I can handle that) and crimping the wires together (again, manageable), but I don't know anymore.

If I take it back to the dealer I'm pretty sure what I thought was only going to cost me $20 when this fiasco started (the cost of the new shifter) is going to be hundreds upon hundreds (I may be a moron but I'm not a rich one).

Any advice/help?
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