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Hey all, I'm Dustin.... It will be nice to get to know you all.
I recently bought an 87 d21 hardbody reg cab short bed z24i 5spd. It is anything but a show truck. its about 4 or 5 colors and runs like crap. its a slow process, but its slowly coming together. I am a mini trucker, got mini truckin tattooed down my right bicep. this however is my second nissan, my first was an 82 datsun 310gx talk about a car that kept on giving, it died with 382,xxx mi on the clock.
I am a car nut, love those 4 spinning wheels, love the smell of burnt rubber and frame dragging down the highway at 65mph.
I work on all of my cars myself, don't believe in paying someone else to fix what you broke(with the exception of transmissions...leave those to the pros). I'll ask questions or read books or whatever it takes to fix it myself.
I have bagged somewhere around 7 or 8 trucks myself.
I think thats enought about me. i look forward to talking to you guys.
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