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Here's my obligatory intro. I'm not much of a Nissan guy unless you count my '04 Nissan Quest with the DVD player for the kids. But I'm a serious old Datsun guy. My current fleet of four is a 1966 PL411 (Bluebird) sedan, 1967 RL411 SSS sedan, 1970 1600 Roadster, and 1971 PL521 pickup. All run, three are registered and insured. :)

Fun story - I bought a 1967 RL411 SSS sedan from the original owner in 1986 when I was 16. Sold it in 1989. Bought it back a few weeks ago, got it running, still working on it. Last tag on the plate was 1991, mileage is about 5,000 more than when I sold it. Probably hadn't been started in 10+ years. Much worse for wear, neglected. Going to revive it to driveable condition at least. Sentimental reasons and all.

Let's see, Datsuns/Nissans I've owned:

1964 WPL410 (1200cc wagon, bought for $100 dead, sold for $100 dead)
1966 PL411 sedan (current "nicest" Datsun)
1967 RL411s (two automatic sedans, 4-spd sedan, automatic wagon)
1967 1600 Roadsters (two of 'em)
1967.5 1600 Roadster
1968 1600 Roadster
1970 1600 Roadster (current Roadster)
1971 PL521 pickup (current pickup)
1974.5 260z
1989 Sentra (sold to buy newer/nicer Sentra)
1991 Sentra
1999 Quest (sold to buy new Quest)
2004 Quest
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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