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hey, well I just bought a 01 Altima gxe with 150,000 miles for $2k it's runs good but the last owner didn't take care of it! (it only had 2qts of oil and the air filter and intake box was filed with sand) i'm now getting ready to switch the plugs wires cap and rotor, and fuel filter.

I have a ford f150 fully bagged,shaved,candy paint, full interior, on 22s, since i have that this is my daily.

is there thing else to do to wake these cars up? it's just dosn't get up and go! would and intake and exhaust (not that loud coffe can tip) do the any good? also the hub caps that came on it made a awful rubbing sound so took those off but would like to put something else on.

oh and thanks for in help in advance.
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