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New here and heres my ride

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Hey guys just joined this forum, hope to have a good time. I recently bought a 02 Sentra SE-R ( non spec V ). Yes i know i got the pussy version but im happy with it and its my first car. SO far i have one pic but I will get more when i wash my car this weekend.

Oh and sorry for not putting the pic into my thread but the image isnt resized.
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Thanks for all the compliments guys, finally some good feedback on my car. Last forum i went to i wasnted welcome to well because my car isnt a spec V.

For now im just thinking about 20% tint, Valentine1 radar detector, and I would love to find some nice eye lids.
Hey guys sorry I took so long finally the weather was nice and warm. Im sorry if the pics came out a little blurry thats because i have no tripod and it was windy.

Pic 014 is my fav :). Also there is a picture of a keypad, thats a ignition kill device that came with the car.
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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