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well, i finally got a new(used) car. it is a 1996 nissan sentra gle. i previously had a 1996 nissan sentra gxe. the reason that i got this car was because it was manual, had five spoke fifteens, and a sunroof. my old sentra had an auto, muffler, and all red tails. this car has no mods but the rims, so it is like a new start. the car is black, so i plan to paint the rims black as well, and drop it with tein basic dampers. any suggestions on what i should do next?
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Tavel said:
short throws are for pussies. spend your money on things that will actually help your car. there's no need for short throw if you have skill enough to drive a manual.

i would reccomend replacing the exaust first...the stock exaust is very limiting, but don you dare go getting a folgers muffler!!! 2" pipe is the max size for your engine, dont go above that. (for reasons i dont know, but its true).

and i would also get some stiffer suspension second. sentras have what i call an "american ride" which means they're comfy, but super soft. most suspension kits will also lower the car about an inch i think, not bad.

the stock brakes are wonderful, nice and no change need there.
Umm not sure what to say here but short throw shifter are pretty damn useful, it has nothing to do with the skill to drive a manual either, it is a worthwhile mod. granted I wouldn;t necessarily recommend it be the first mod you make.

Anyway good luck with your car man.
b14sleeper said:
shit man, yesterday i was driving down to the local alberstons, about five miles from my house, and then boom, some gay asses were racing down the street and one of them didnt see me(wtf??) and rear ended me. it wasnt my fault(obviously) but i think the car is totalled. it looks like shit, and i couldnt even drive it afterwards. the cop and the tow truck driver said that it is most likely totalled, SHIT... THIS IS MY NEW CAR!!! anyways, the parts that are coming in i will keep, i will prolly put them on another car i will get. BUT OMG, i just put the hood and trunk on, and now they are ruined!!! both of them ,because when the *** hit me, he messed up the rear, and then pushed me into another car that messed up the front. i wasnt hurt, thank god, because i was wearing my seatbelt, and thankfully the airbags work, but now i think i have a concussion, becaue my head hurts alot!!!
If he was cited for racing and the accident I would follow the court case closely. You would probably be eligible to seek restitution for your damages/insurance deductable. COntact the locl clerk of courts for more information on this.

Sorry to hear about that bro...
b14sleeper said:
alrite wes, but ummm if i dont have my recipts for the hood and trunk and some of the other expensive stuff, will i still get my money, because i mean they can see the parts, they just dont know how they are?
You are not filing a law suit... Talk with the clerk of courts and court prosecutor about what you can seek restitution for!
Can't we have one thread without people becoming internet warriors? Grow up people...

Worthless thread closed.
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