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i have 02 mex se. its came loded with factory navigation with boss system... yesterday .. i was driving with my freind ..he accidently turn my ac/heat on .. while i try to turn em off each button i touch they fell off and came off from navigation side (broke down) so now my ac/heat on i cant shut it off .. but i can control it like increase the fan speed high to low by touching the navigation + my navigation works fine. so i took it to the dealer right away .. they said im in a big mess there is no alternative only options are replace to brnd new ($4500) or to remanufacture ($1200). i ask them if there is anyway or any face kit so i can just take away the factory navigation. thay said no cuz its control my ac/heat. they also said i should resolve the problem as soon as possible or els my compressor + other component will be affected since the ac/heat is always stay on. i just want to get out of this mess as soon as possible and i want to get rid of the factory navigation which control my ac/heat too .. so im here to get help if there is any face kit or anything i can do to remove the factory navigation and keep my ac/heat working?. please respond as soon as possible . i really need this .. if there is a way .. where and how plz explain with details please kindly ... all help will be aprecited! thanks to you all and to this great .. forums! :newbie:
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