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New 240 Driver...

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Yesterday I sold my 93 del Sol and bought a 92 240sx SE Hatch. I've never owned a Nissan before, but I've driven my dad's 03 350z enough to realize that they are GOOD.
I can't wait to get under the hood, the previous owner wasn't too big on tuneups, and it hasn't had an allignment in 7(!!!) years. I picked it up for under 1.5k and it seems to be fairly solid except for the usual crap (missing window switches, crap tires, busted fuel door, really really bad tint, 1 working speaker,etc).
Anything I should know? I plan on picking up a Haynes manual this week, but I am curious about the mechanical aspects.
I've found so far that it's a 2.4l 4-cyl with 155hp/160lb. It has ABS with HICAS 4 wheel steering, 5 speed manual (of course), and... er, that's about what I know at this point. Any advice or tips are appreciated.
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Get an FSM

I would highly suggest dropping the coin on a Factory Service Manual (or get the PDF that is reported to be available). The FSM is super in-depth and will help with almost anything!
Rephlex said:
Didn't find a FSM, just the chilton's.... Gonna try bit torrent later, my buddy has it.

Has anybody got a picture they can link to of their (removed) chain guide? Particularly illustrating the method of removal. Mine looks weird to me, and based on the explanation earlier in the thread, it's only held by two bolts right? It really looks to me like it was cut off...

I'd run and snap a picture of mine but then i'd have to import it and find a place to host it. Unfortunately i've been enjoying friday night and am not fully qualified. :hal:
When I pulled my valve cover I sam the guide just sitting there (broken of course). I just removed the broken bit and left everything as is.
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