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New 240 Driver...

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Yesterday I sold my 93 del Sol and bought a 92 240sx SE Hatch. I've never owned a Nissan before, but I've driven my dad's 03 350z enough to realize that they are GOOD.
I can't wait to get under the hood, the previous owner wasn't too big on tuneups, and it hasn't had an allignment in 7(!!!) years. I picked it up for under 1.5k and it seems to be fairly solid except for the usual crap (missing window switches, crap tires, busted fuel door, really really bad tint, 1 working speaker,etc).
Anything I should know? I plan on picking up a Haynes manual this week, but I am curious about the mechanical aspects.
I've found so far that it's a 2.4l 4-cyl with 155hp/160lb. It has ABS with HICAS 4 wheel steering, 5 speed manual (of course), and... er, that's about what I know at this point. Any advice or tips are appreciated.
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^ everything but that exhaust looks good IMO :hal:
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