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could be clogged condesner fins (thing infront of radiator). If there is a lot of debri there then it'll start cold but as the refridge heats up, there is no air to cool it will lose cooling capability.

I'de check the condenser first...

What else can cuase insufficient cooling you ask?

MANY...maaaaany things. If you have a set of gauges then you can diagnos this problem. If not then your SOL...this is cause there are so many things that could be wrong.
here's a few...kinda extreme to less extreme order

1 restriction in low side (need to repair line/part)
2 moisture in system (need to pull vaccum and replace refridg.)
3 air in sys (same as 2)
4 overcharge of refridg (same as 2)
5 overcharge of oil (same as 2)
6 clogged condenser fins
7 overheating engine?

if you need a flush then you shouldn't have to worry about over/under charge'll be replacing it. If you're doing it then you'll wanna make sure you pull a GOOD vaccum for 30 min...make sure it holds for 5-7min. If it don't hold you gotta leak...but since it actually cools at first...not too likely. Make sure you have enough oil and yet...not too much oil...this is of course for the compressor.

course if a tech is doing this for you then you shouldn't have to worry about that.


THat's all I've got

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Well as far as ram air I've never heard of that before, course I can't say I've seen any 240's with it. Good question.

Still waiting for the question raised by Nowhere Fast and myself.

I highly doubt though that the Nissan would waste thousands and even millions of dollars on manufacturing a part that was unecisary and not needed. So I would still replace them. If they could cut a little metal on one model...that adds up after producind a few thousand it is not in there best interest to keep un-needed parts

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warman said:
Yes, but one who has ever worked in the industry knows that they are not nearly as logical as that. Look at the Aztec for example; somewhere, along the entire developement and production of that car, why didn't anyone think, This is the foulest car ever, and is a huge waste of money.
That has nothing to do with production costs and having uneeded metal in your car...that is more of your opinion of a production model.

Apparently it was not a waste...they sold all of those they made...and so...they didn't lose money. The same can be said of the Honda element, Scion xb...they're ugly to me...but someone out there likes them and buys them.

What I was saying was not an opinion...if you cut out uneeded parts then you save money. And yes corps do this all the time.

Also, I doube the ram air will do anything (unless it is tru ram air). if you put the cone on the hood of the vehicle, facing foward, mabe your would see something of boost. Otherwise, I recomend getting a coldair, and upgrading the MAF/VAF. You may not saee anything out of it right away, but you will after more parts go on. Look at the stock intake. With a few more upgrades, the thing wont physically be able to suck enough CFM. try it. put headers, testpipe, downpipe, cat back, and cams. run on the stock intake for a while, then add cold air and better MAF/VAF. You will notice the difference, trust me.
Why would any one who knows anything NOT put actual ram air on their car...and WHY would you assume I was talking about anything OTHER than ACTUAL ram air???

You must hang out with a bunch of ricers who put "cold air" that sucks air from the engine compartment and like putting stickers all over their stock ride ...HA HA...I bet I could make a killing on "autozone performance" stickers.

Look we were just talking about ram air and not all that other stuff bro..stay on topic

as to the chain guids, I have no idea, except that I dont think nissan is as economically effiecient as SONOFWISDOME says...
I'm sorry but I still think if the part is there stock..then it is needed. From a mechanics standpoint that is sound logic. Download the pdf 91+ manual...and LOOK at the timing chain guide...if you take it off you will have problems...maybe you could get a smaller chain and then take the guides off...but what did you save by doing this? uh nothing...if it ain't broke don't fix it. Now a major car company would save a lot...cause it costs money to make thousands of those parts.

So here is what you should have said
(cause what I'm about to say makes more sense)

they use the same blocks on both engines
it is just the heads that are different
the chain guides are down by the block
TO SAVE COST...they use only one block for two engines...that would save production cost.

Now..that makes since...just throwing parts into an engine that are not needed...that is not good business...but nissan is smart man...they are gonna stay in business and not waste money...I don't think you know the industry very well at all.

Hate to be blunt like that but you did open your mouth.

Again...for just the stock engine, I don't think the guides are there just for kicks...they have a purpose...this doesn't mean they can't be removed, it just means you CANNOT just take 'em off. Look at the manual, you'll see what I mean.

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well I can't find the thread that had the link for the dowload of the service manual...I've got two, for the 89-90 and 91-94. Try a search for it...however, you will find one post with dead links in it...I'm to sick to keep looking...uuuugh...dang cold...

But if you can't find the post then email [email protected] and I'll email whichever one you want. I don't think I have 95+, but you prolly don't need those any hoo.

Uh the 91-94 pdf is really easy to use and has nice bookmarks set up...the 90-90 is horrid, you have to know what you're looking for to find it.
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