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gingertwist said:
Hi Everyone,
I am new to posting on this thread, but have been reading this forum for a while now, and want to thank everyone for all the info on this great car.
I live in B.C, and have taken a few SUV's for test drives, but have fallen in love with the X-Trail.
I am going to the dealership tomorrow to negotiate a price, and am just curious (and hope I am not being to forward), what the price is people are paying for it. I am looking at the automatic SE model, and am being quoted a price of $31000 plus the PST & GST for a total of $35495. Does this sound reasonable or should I keep shopping around?
Any help would be appreciated.
Thanks very much
You might want to check out the website. I used it to get dealer invoice pricing and a quote from a dealer (although the dealer was in Victoria, and I am in Port Coquitlam). They have the invoice pricing for the X-Trail and I used that to negotiate with a local dealer. A few dealers I checked with said they would not negotiate...but the Coquitlam dealer would provided that I was serious about purchasing the car. I bought the LE last weekend. They tell me it will arrive on Tuesday.

Has anyone out there had the hitch or roof bars attached? I was looking to get those added as well.
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