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-regulator connection(on alternater)
-constant + (also on alt)
-knock sensor (on the block, underneath the plenom)
-Crank angle sensor (in front of the cam timing cover)
-Injectors (if its not already on the loom)
-O2 sensor
-air flow meter
-Tps sensor (on throttle body)
-coolant temp sensor ( near where the outlet hose connects)
-AAC (attatched to plenom)
-air regulator (under neath plenom)

I might have missed a few things but this should keep you busy for a while.

Is this an auto or manual loom?

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jnr_chin said:
i know about the
- pickup coil
- coil pack
- distributor
RB20DET's dont have a pick up coil, nor a distributor.
They use a Igniter (the wires from the igniter go to each individual coil.
The CAS runs off the exahust cam which replaces the old dizzy types.
RB20's use 6 individual coil packs not one :cheers:
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