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bigj316 said:
I've got a 90' 240sx with a couple of mods to the engine. Now I need suggestions for the suspension. I'm looking for a comfortable ride, but I want the best handling I can get. Yet still keeping a comfortable ride. What do you guys think?

I was thinking about Eibach springs , but which ones (pro-kit or Sportlines)?

Strut towers front and rear.

Whiteline sway bars front and rear.

Do you guys suggest getting new shocks and struts for these applications? If so, What kind of shocks and struts do you recomend adjustable or non-adjustable and what brand name. Do I need to purchase a camber kit when doing this kind of upgrade?

Lots of Questions hopefully I will get lots of answers.

Thanx for your help Big J
There a plenty of choices for your car from cheap to exotic, the main thing is how much do you want to spend?

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