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I really know next to nothing about Altimas but as far as cheaper, reliable, early mods, they are the following.....

1. The quickest, easiest, cheapest mod around is to set your timing. I'm not sure what the timing should be set on an Altima but you can probably set it higher which will equal extra hp. The only draw back is you MUST (MUST MUST MUST) use 91+ octane. If you have timing light you can do this mod. for free (you can buy a light for $50-100) or you can have a shop due it for about $30-40.

2. The 'breathing' of the car, i.e. air intake, headers, exhaust. The air intake will be the cheapest of the three followed by headers and exhaust. You can definitely go cheap but you really get what you pay for. Concerning reliability, I have really never heard of people having problems w/ the air intake. Headers are usually only a problem if the do not correctly fit (usually the cheaper brands). The same goes w/ exhaust (or having too large a pipe). None of these early mods. require much tuning or worry about breaking.

Additional items that I would research would be pullies, short shifters, and suspension.

Good luck

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