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Hey guys sup. well im quite a situation....
i just found out that i can get an sr20 N/A for about 400 bucks and now im questioning my plan of boost...
what do u think should i go the magical boost or just swap for sr20?

oh yeah i have a 97 ga right now
with CAI,Custom Exhaust,and the worst heders anyone could buy...
so advice is always welcome!

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Well, this is quite a dilemma. I always followed the old saying "There is no replacement for displacement". Bearing that in mind, I have never done a swap on a Nissan, so I am not familiar with such things as trans alignment, exaust bolt patterns, with the other engine, etc. Granted, if the engine will bolt up, you would definately need to change the ECM for the injection to work properly.

I do know one thing though: a larger engine with the same mods as a smaller engine will (almost) always outperform the smaller engine.

Maybe some others on this forum who have tried this kind of swap would be more helpful when listing potential problems with this kind of swap.

Hope this helps.


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Call Steven @ Pacific Performance and ask him. They are in Ft. Lauderdale
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