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I wrecked my car a while back and have just now started fixing it. I needed to replace the alternator and went ahead and did that. Engine check light is on and my battery wont charge. After a close investigation, I noticed that the sensor that plugs into the alternator below the positive power connecter has the wires disconnected. Noticed that there are two wires. A yellow with a red strip, and a red with a yellow strip. I looked at the alternator and there is a connection for the two wires. was wondering if anyone new which wires connected to which of the two prongs or if it even matter as long as they are connected. Here is a diagram as best as i can draw

++ - positive connection of alternator

---- - prong one

---- - prong two

any help would be appreciated!

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Go pick up a hynes book at pepboys.... They wireing diagrams in the back and also have install for the alternator.... I am not sur eif the chiltons has the diagrams...
I can;t 100% sure about the wires but typically the predominate red wire is the possitive..... I think the other wire is for the ground..... THink of it this way.. When you jump start a car you hook up one lead and ground the other.. It is the same prinsible. You need to supply the possitive but ground it.....
I think you still need to check a manual or get a opinion other than mine... I not 100% sure, just using reason
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