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Mechanically it's the same as the SE-R, except it has the bigger AD22VF brakes. The back seat is smaller, but the hatchback makes it very practical for carrying stuff. The stock wheels and tires are wider (14 X 6" vs 14 x 5.5"), and the T-Tops are great fun. Most mods that go on a SE-R will work on a NX, except Cat-back exhaust system. Lower coefficient of drag gives it more potential for top speed, but lower airflow to the radiator makes it more likely to overheat during road-racing. Looks just comes down to personal preferences, but I think it kinda looks like a mini-Z at certain angles (many call it the Egg). There were less than 10,000 total ('91-'93) in the US, so it is also a very rare car ('93 being the rarest w/ only about 400 made).

More info than you probably wanted, but too much is better than not enough. Hope this helps.

- Kelly
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