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It's an 01 sentra 1.8-- 174,000 miles, automatic. Has been running awful for quite some time, a friend had it, I just got it.

The head gasket was just replaced as well as spark plugs with original type, still ran awful and in trying to figure out what it was an auto parts place let my mechanic try some new coils, ran the same, put old ones back on. Tryed a new crank and cam sensor, ran the same, put old ones back on. Nissan mechanic said they had computer problems on that year and it's probably that. Sent computer to ECM DEPOT in texas since we couldn't find one at a parts yard. They said they were alot of problems on that year. Got computer back, car started right, ran for 5 minutes and stopped. Would not restart. Had plugs out a few times and dryed them off, they were plenty wet with gas. Still doesn't start. Tryed to check things over but don't see anything wrong. Would appreciated and ideas.

Burr 304-481-3652
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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