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We are looking for pictures of B13 sentra's 2 & 4 door to use to advertise our
+Drift front bumper
+Big mouth front bumper
+2-door Aeroduo Sides
+4-door Aeroduo Sides
+Feels rear bumper

If you would like us to use pictures of your sentra please email them to [email protected] , and leave us your name so we can give you credit next to the picture, ,also it might be used for our monthly full page adds in Import Tuner and Super Street, as well as for Extreme Dimensions adds..
email the pics to [email protected] or just post them up here I suppose..

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Well... I know that there is a shit load of pics throughout the, Especially the "best Looking B13"
If I had some pics, I would be glad to give you minie, but use the search button, find a pic, and Private Message the member and ask.

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Yeah those are great, but Im trying to find 4-door side skirt pics too, and I need to get permission to use the pics from the owner of the car.

Thanks though.
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