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if u need parts i have alot of z31 300zx parts .....make me a resonable offer....u will be surprised. not askin alot $$.....jus need to make some room in my basement.....i have hood, trunk, fenders, headlights n assembly. doors. front & back bumper.. lots of interior peices... all the trim... alll the windows except windshield......spare tire...T-TOPS,,,,windshild washer resevoir....side mirrors....signals..rear lights..rear storage for 2 seater... there may be more but i cant think of anything else..there is most likely more parts. i dont have pictures but the parts are in very good condition WITH NO black turbo seats....colour is black.....take one take is parted, DO NOT HAVE THE CAR ANYMORE...jus parts
1 - 1 of 12 Posts
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