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need more help with CA18DE anchorweight

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So spring is here, and the ca18de stock to JDM engine swap is underway again :thumbup: , (If you remember, the original engine threw a rod through the block-- BIG ker-CHUNK!) and I have begun stripping all of the accessories off of the old engine for use on the new one (intake is different, exhaust is different, valve covers are different, seems the only things the same on these two engines is the block itself, for the most part.) I have just noticed a snafu around the oil filter. It seems that the old engine has what looks like an oil cooler located directly above the oil filter that uses antifreeze to do the cooling and the new one does not, no problem, just swap out the old oil filter assembly for the new one, right? Not so simple. The large metal part of the coolant line that runs under the intake on the passenger side of the car has a small pickup tube for this that is not present on the new engine, and this particular part looks like it is probably pressed into the engine. So now I rely on y'all's expertise again. I am throwing around the idea of not using the oil cooler at all (if that is, in fact, what it is) but am a little concerned about oil temp on the project. Any thoughts, suggestions, previous experiance? I'll try to post pics tomorrow to make it a little clearer.
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id go without it if its an N/a engine... check the size of the oil pan too make sure you use the one of the no-cooler engine... might have more oil to compansate (wich i doubt but still, verify it)...for my self i dont like the one on the E15Et, it tends to slow the pickup on dry start compared to an engine without it ... plus as soon as the car heats up, the oil fallows
The engine pics are at

I'll take a look at the oil pan, but I beleive that they are the same.

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