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Hey Folks- I'm in a bit of a pickle and could use the help of someone who is familiar with 1996 maxima 5 speed. I had an input shaft bearing cage break and the ensuing seal leak clutch slippage. I ordered a rebuild kit replaced the bearings and seals taking pictures and making sketches along the way. I reassembled the unit and installed. Climbed in the car and with the motor not running shifted the trans- perfect! until I started the motor. Now no neutral,stuck in gear and will not shift. Removed trans (again) removed cover and could not see anything obvious. Thought maybe I had mucked up the reverse lockout mechanism so disassembled and reinstalled. i made a spline adapter from the hub of the old clutch disc so I could attempt to bench shift it. It was difficult to shift but seemed to be OK. Reinstalled trans (again) same deal. Wife is now giving me the evil eye (it's her car) so I finally give up and take it to the local trans shop. Very cool guy thinks I reassembled unit in gear (not in neutral) so the shift shafts aren't synched. He admits he's not an expert with nissan trans' but thinks it will be OK ($320!). Install trans (again) shifts perfect the first time (engine off) then same deal as before except now it will go into the reverse gate but engine dies when clutch is let out- GRRRRR Checked clutch operation- works fine with engine running in whatever gear it's locked in and let out. Crawled under car disconnected shift link and tried to shift it. Very stiff will go into one gear (hard to tell which) but not much else. Now TWO evil eyes from wife!!
Has anyone experienced this?? Got any ides what I should look for??
Thanks for any ideas- evil eyed Jim
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