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I need a winter/ daily driver.. please just ignore the fact that the 240sx is rear wheel drive. They get around fine in the snow.

In any case. I've been looking around. And can get a good S13 240sx for $2000. If I got one it'd have to be a 91-93 style. Because I would later like to throw in a SR20DET into. I'm into drifting and would like to learn how to drift with it.

But on the other hand I also have been really considering getting a 91-94 Infiniti G20. I love the way they handle. I've looked around and found I can get one for $2000-$2500. An again. If I were to get the G20, I would get a (bluebird) SR20DET and drop it in. So.... I'm at a split decision here.

Maybe I should add I'm 21, and have a lot of speeding tickets on my record. I haven't gotten a speeding or traffic ticket in the last 8 months so hopefully some of those points are gonna start coming back soon. So, I'm thinking my insurance would be high if I got the 240sx, cause it's a 2 door sports car(rear wheel drive). An the G20 is a 4 door, cheaper on insurance. But it's a definate toss up between the 2. What do some of you pay for insurance on either of them?
An tell me which one I should get. Thanks
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