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I posted this over at srforum as well, please help me you guys!

Hey guys, I am new here but I figured that this would be the best place to ask this question. I have a jdm sr20 I picked up yesterday and I need to drop it in my nx......... I tried searching your forums for specific info but could only find bits here and there. The motor came in my car originally has the intake manifold that folds under.......the throttle body sits under the intake runners a bit. I am guessing this is called a highport motor? Reguardless I bought the jdm motor w/ the same intake manifold but it doesnt have all the egr bs and all and I dont want to throw codes so I want to swap that over to the new motor. I need to know if there is anything else I need to swap over in order to make all this work perfectly.

I mildly built my usdm motor but the block got a crack while machining.......I found this out after I put it back together. My daily driver died on me so thats why I just bought a jdm motor because I need it to The jwt cams, springs, ect. I will put in another block sometime down the road but for now this jdm motor is whats gonna have to do.

so I know 1: swap intake manifolds and put my hs headers in place of the stock exhaust manifold........thats about all I know for this swap.

btw, heres a couple of quick pics in case anyone wants to see it.......

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