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Need Help Locating Vehicle Speed Sensor

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I made a post on this topic a while back and received help, but need a little more. I have a '95 HB 4x4 4 cyl with a manual trans. My speedometer works intermittently and I need to locate the VSS. I think it is just a connection issue. Thanks for any help.
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should be on the side of the tranny
since its a 4wd, its on the transfer case, top side... if I remember right
yeah thanks speedo, do you know what it looks like? is there a plug on the wire that can be removed? Do you know what I should check first? Is it easily accessible?
should stick out from the transfer case about a inch, round, black end, with a 6"-8" harness coming out of the side of it, has one bolt holding it in
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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