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need help getting engine out.

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I am doing an engine swap. I can't get the engine out. Haynes says I have to pull the passenger side axle out!! I know haynes sucks and often they are saying I have to pull the radiator...are they right about this one??

I'd like it if I could get somebody's phone number..somebody that's done this a few times... if you don't mind me calling and helping me out a bit, email me your number at [email protected].

BTW...I'm pulling it out now, not planning to, so if you can help, please do asap.

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heres my question for you. Is the tranny coming out with the motor because obivously the axles got to go. If not screw hayness. Just start my unpluging all the wires marking them. Unbolt the trannies bell housing bolt. Then all the motor mounts. Make sure nothing is in your way and lift her up.

1 - 1 of 6 Posts
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