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need help getting engine out.

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I am doing an engine swap. I can't get the engine out. Haynes says I have to pull the passenger side axle out!! I know haynes sucks and often they are saying I have to pull the radiator...are they right about this one??

I'd like it if I could get somebody's phone number..somebody that's done this a few times... if you don't mind me calling and helping me out a bit, email me your number at [email protected].

BTW...I'm pulling it out now, not planning to, so if you can help, please do asap.

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I hate this fucking car

Yeah, it has to come out. I have everything away from the motor, but it's the damn plate that goes between the transmission and the engine...there's a hole in it, and the axle goes through it.

Tomorrow I'm gonna see if there's a way I can unbolt the flywheel and leave it on the engine. Yeah, I got the engine up that far, I may be able to do it.

they should have fired the useless fuck that decided to put the axle through there!!
Geo said:
What's the big friggin deal about removing the halfshaft?
possibly the fact that it is a shitty design. I know of no other car that has to have the axle pulled to get the engine out.

And not only they use those huge nuts on the wheel hub, but they sink it down in there where you can only get at it with a socket.
1 - 3 of 6 Posts
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